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CHOPTA the magpie camp

Our prime intention to step in tourism sector is proper, Steady, organized and extensive development of tourism in Uttarakhand. We assume that in this beautiful and holy state tourism is extremely unorganized and dormant state. So it became our moral obligation since we have taken responsibility to give tourism a proper, organized and steady motion in Uttarakhand.

Since U.K. has huge potential in these sub sectors of tourism like – pilgrimage, adventure, natural and ecotourism. So we are paying attention towards all these sectors of tourism in Uttarakhand. We are studying and we will have to study lot of things about tourism in Uttarakhand.

Our aim is to become trekking and eco-tourism specialist in U.K. So we have developed a little eco tourist village’ as a base camp amidst dense forest at the height of 2350 meters from where we can properly organize all known and unknown (undiscovered) trekking routs present in the zone.

We are trying to create a model of eco-tourism activities in kedarnath (Mandakini) valley for the development of local community and Environment conservation after target achievement of the project we would plan to circulate this model for other valleys of the state.

To achieve success we need every one’s best wishes and moral support .

Thank you
An Eco-Tourist village
Ganaya Dugalbhita chopta.
Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

Trekking Package

We have a large range of trekking roots spread out in this zone of Kedarnath and Badrinath valley which starts from 1000ms to 5000metres in middle and great Himalayan region. Maximum numbers of routs pass through Kedarnath wild life sanctuary and NDBR. Our camping hub situated amid dense forest adjacent to Kedarnath wild life sanctuary.

We have categorized trekking and camping packages according to trekker and trekking roots. Some of them are as follows:-

1- Moderate – up to 10 kms.
2- Semimodrate – up to 40 kms.
3- Hard – Mone than 40 kms.

1- Moderate treks -
  • Tungnath - chandrasilla.-- 9 kms both side.
  • Devariyatal – 5 kms both side.
  • Ansuya Mata – Atri Rishi – 10 kms both side
  • Kartik swami – 6 kms both side.
  • Vasudhara – 10 kms both side.
2- Semi moderate –
  • Kedarnath – 28 kms both side.
  • Madmaheswar – 38 kms both side.
  • Kalisila – 14 kms both side.
  • Bhavisyabadri – 12 kms both side.
  • Kalpeswar – 24 kms both side.
3- Hard –
  • Kedarnath – Vasukital – 48 kms bothside.
  • Madmaheswar – Nandikund – 86 kms.
  • Rudranath – 48 kms.
  • Rudranath – Kalpeswar- 76 kms
  • Valley of flowers- Hemkund-48kms.

Trekking  Routs
10.  Pawalikantha
11.  anusuyamata and atri rishi ashram
12.  kartik shwami
13.  kalisila


Through the package we are trying to tempt sporty people or youngsters. At present we have facility of adventure sports like
  • Rock climbing
  • Cliff climbing
  • Rippling
  • Rafting
Experiencing all these sports activates in high altitude region is indeed a unique experience. We conduct these activities in nearby surroundings region which remain snow covered in the month of Dec to March regarding on alternate snow fall .

  • We have well skilled and certified staff to conduct all these sports activities.
  • Safety equipments and sports equipments are well maintained and a good quality product.
Our proposed sports activities are
  • Snow skiing
  • grass skiing
  • paragliding

We are  planning to start all these activities very soon in this valley because some areas in this zone have highly favorable condition and atmosphere.

BISURITAL – 60kms – both side.

i) Kedarnath – Madmaheswar – Uniyana-
ii) – 61kms – Total trek
iii) Panwalikhantha –
iv) Roopkund –

Note –
  • We conduct all these trekking roots conveniently and skillfully.
  • We have energetic experienced and knowledgeable local guides and porters with other staff.
  • We have good quality trekking equipments
  • We serve quality food on trekking according to trek roots.
  • At present we have 20 all types of roots (Trekking).
  • Time Duration is reported after arrival of visitor’s at the camp site.
  • Time duration might be increased or reduced according to conditions and visitor’s choice.
  • Maximum trekking routs passes through kedarnath wildlife sanctuary and Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve.
  • Very soon we are going to include some more easy and tuff trekking rout .
  • We are planning to start snow skiing paragliding and mountaineering in this zone which is our next target.


As we all know the whole Uttarakhand is a great tourist and pilgrimage destination but specifically our Eco-Tourist-Village (Coming site) in kedar valley is surrounded by so many renowned pilgrimage spots, because of this we have created a special package for pilgrimage tourist or pilgrims. There are many-many ancient temples are present in zone, maximum of them are easily accessible by vehicle or by foot. There are of so many mythological stories behind each one of the temple which are depicted in our scriptures also. Worshiping in these temples gives spiritual pacification to all visitors.

1. Tungnath,
2. Kalimath
3. Ukhimath/ Ushamath
4. Makkumath
5. Anusuiya temple and Atririshi Ashram.
6. Kartik Swami.
7. Viswanath temple
8. Trijuginarayan- Where lord shiv and parvati got married, are some places which are easily accesible, these pilgrimage spots are advised for all aged visitors.

It is believed and also depicted in scriptures that these temples are made by Pandava.
  • Time duration is depends upon visitor’s interest in this package. It might be for 2 days or 7 to 10 days.
  • Providing vehicle, guide and knowledge about pilgrimage is our responsibility, and all these facilities would have additional charge.


This package is specially offered to convalescents -one who is recovering from illness one who is highly entrusted in yoga activities, one who wants to spend leisure moments in a peaceful and heavenly atmosphere, because of extremely exhaustion and routine life.

One who wants to improve his/her health status? And old age people.

As we mentioned our camping site (eco-tourist-village) is situated amid dense forest adjacent to a sanctuary (Wild life) so oxygen label and temperature is highly favorable to all those mentioned persons. Surrounding greenery and exquisite views make great impact over every one's mind body and soul.

  • Routine yoga activities at morning time. 
  • A very soft trekking activity in surrounding forest.
  • Bird and wild life watching.
  • Some recreating cultural activities like folk songs and folk dance in near by villagers.
  • Visiting to nearby villages to know their culture, tradition and life style.
Time Duration: It is completely depends upon visitor’s interest and need. It might be from one to so many days.

  • These activities are generally closed during rainy season because of heavy rain in the zone.
  • We have experts in "Yoga" and bird watching who have a long experience in their own fields.


This is a special package for students. It has so many importance for school or college going children and youths and people who want to know more and more information's about middle Himalaya and great Himalayan region.

Besides a comfortable and convenient camping experience in the dense rain forest of Himalayan region we offers educational lectures and practical activities conducted by experts in their own subjects.

As we earlier mentioned that this regions has abundance of natural beauty and large variety of:

Wild animals: more than 124 species of major mammals
Birds: more than 521 species
Big trees: more than 100 species.

Innumerable species of flowers, herbs and insects maximum of them are yet to be identified.

We also provide knowledge in the field of environment conservation and
  • wild life protection
  • ecology and ethology
  • Geographical and Historical
  • Knowledge. Social, cultural and traditional information's. Knowledge about religion and mythological stories pervaded in the particular Himalayan region by experts.
Thus the educational package is perfect for children and all aged interested persons.

Various Activities

Activities which will be provided by Eco-Tourist village to create tourism development in the zone.

Commercial Activities

1- Camping
2- Trekking
3- Mountaineering
4- Bird watching/Animal (Wild) Watching.
5- Yoga/Sanitary activities
6- Providing knowledge about Flora and fauna.
7- Snow and grass skiing.
8- Culture activities
9- Paragliding/gliding
10- Spiritual and religious knowledge
11- Rafting.
12- Promotion of Local handicraft activities like wool and ringal items.

Social Activities

13- Campaign against garbage pollution.
14- Campaign against water pollution/Air Pollution
15- Providing knowledge of forest conservation.
16- Providing knowledge about ecology and ethnology

Bird Watching

Mr. Yashpal Singh Negi is one of the most knowledgeable and energetic person in the field of bird watching. He is serving to the environment for 10 years and endeavoring to create an atmosphere for bird watching lovers. He has vast knowledge of Himalayan birds and their behavior. He is expert in bird searching activities. Till today he has served thousands of people through his wonderful experience and knowledge. People who visited him remember the bird watching trip always. People from all over the world come to visit Mr. Yashpal and take experience of bird watching in Himalayan high attitude areas.

Birds commonly seen in this region:-
1- Red Billed Blue Magpie.
2- Brown Dipper
3- Slumberous water Pods tart
4- Gray Headed Warbler.
5- White Capped water Redstart
6- Little Folktale
7- Spotted Fork tail
8- Crested Kingfisher
9- Small Blue Kingfisher
10- Himalayan Bulbul
11- Red Vented Bulbul
12- Black Bulbul
13- Himalayan Griffin
14- Lammergeyer
15- King Vulture (Red Headed Vulture)

Human being cannot live without birds bur birds can live without human (Yashpal)

According to Trekkers Physical strength and convenience we have categorized Many types of tracks or Trails.

1. Hard treks - It is 30 km to 40 km one side ascending trek.
2. Soft Trek - It is 5 km to 10 km long ascending trek.
3. Moderate track 40kms both side.


This is one of the most pleasant and significant treks it takes 5 to 6 days and the experience in this trek is really unforgettable. This trek takes you at the height of more than 3000 meter. River streams, water falls. Meadows, grass land (Bugyal), dense forest and snow covered Peaks make an enchanting influence over trekkers. It is also a hard trek. It is opened from May to October for trekkers.

Day 1:- Camping Site - Anusuya Mata Temple (1500 m)
Camping site to Mandal a little village is an approximately 35 km by road (motor) and 5 km ascending by foot for Anusuya temple, trekkers can spend night in lodge or in tent according to their convenience.

Day 2:- Trekkers cannot walk more than 15 km because of steep ascending. It is highly exhaustive day. On root we can see a mythological cave and above than 70 m, high water fall on the root. trekkers spend night in tents because there is no any lodging facility on the root.

Day 3:- CAMPING SITE TO RUDRANATH -Approximately 15 km extension to previous trail. It takes you at the height of more the 3200 m, trekkers spend night in stone caves and mud huts or tents. You can visualize snow clad mountain peaks from here.

Day 4:- According to trekkers physical capacity he/she can come back to camping site at Dugalbitta or can spend night any where on the root, which adds an additional day in you trek.

Note:- Maximum trail of the trek is comes under (NDBR) Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve.
10.  Pawalikantha
11.  anusuyamata and atri rishi ashram
12.  kartik shwami
13.  kalisila
22.  Pawalikantha
23.  anusuyamata and atri rishi ashram
24.  kartik shwami
25.  kalisila


This is one of the most significant and popular treks among trekkers. It is approximately 30 km one side steep ascending stretch and takes 4 to 5 day to be completed. It is also a hard trek and scenic beauty in this  trek is really over whelming.
What to see
- Kedar Nath temple region
- extremely height waterfalls
- snow cloud peaks
- Basuki Tal
- Alpine flower covered land
- Extensive meadows
- Gandhi sarovar
- water streams
- Long variety of flora and fauna

Season to go to this trek

It is opened from May to October November but best season to visualize and experience this trek is May-June and Sep-October-November.

Day 1:- CAMPING SITE TO KEDARNATH (3584 M):- Approximately 70 km by motor road and 14 km by foot along with river Mandakini. It is steep ascending and highly strenuous. Trekkers can spend night in lodge and in tent.

Day 2:- Kedarnath to Basukital (4135): It is 10kms steep ascending. Trekker can spend night in tents and can come back to Kedarnath.

Day 3:- Kedarnath 6 Km Gandhi Sarovar:- It is 10kms semi moderate trek both side along with river Mandakini (Doodh Ganga). Trekers come  to spend night at Kedarnath.

Day 4:- Kedarnath to camping site at Dugalbhitta or can go back to their homes.



It is a 2 or 3 days trek and the total strech of the trek is 15kms steep ascending both side. This is a soft trek since it is very famouse trek amoung all kind of trckers. This trek takes you at the light of 3925m from where you can visualise 360 degree view. major path of the trek comes under kedarnath wild life sanctuary.

What to visualige
Tungnath temple
chandrasila peak
Devariya Tal
Alpine meadows (Bugyal)
Flower coverd slops
Dense forest and huge variety of flora fauna

Season for treking

From April to december trekers can enjoy the beauty of this treking root. For some time It is remained closed for trekers because of heavy snow fall in major parts of the root in Jan to March. One can enjoy and visit up to DevanyaTalthroughout the year.

DAY -1- Dugal bhitta campning site to chandrasila peak(3925M)
7Kms strech from camping site to chopth by motor road and 3.5 kms steep ascending up to Tilngnath temple. 1.5 km extention to previous trail to chandrasila peak. According to trekers choice she/he can stay at Tungnath (3650m) in tents or guesthouse or Mandir samiti Dharmsala.

Day-2:- Tungnath to camping site - For convenient stay-trekkers choose come to back at camping site which is situated adjacent to Kedarnath wild life Sanctuary amid dense forest.

Day-3- Campsite (Dugal bhitta to Devariyatal - 15 kms stretch by motor road up to beautiful village Sari and 3 km steep ascending to Devariya Tal. According to choice night stay at DevariyaTal in tents or come back to camp. Lauding and boarding facility will be provided by us.



It is a hard trek and one of the most pleasant trek we have. It is a 34 km long trek. Ascending and descending on root it takes you up to 4570 m height at Kanchani Tal and 4350 m height at Nandikund. On root you can enjoy watching river streams, waterfalls, dense forest of Kedarnath sanctuary (wildlife), high altitude meadows, flower covered grounds, Culture and tradition of local villages and many more things. This trek takes 7 to 8 days, starts from our camping place and also end of same place.

How to reach at our camping place at Dugalbitta:-

Approach at Dugalbitta camping place (Eco-Village) became very convenient these days because of smooth roads and good conveyances facilities. Visitors can hire taxi from Haridwar, Dehradun. Rishikesh and Delhi also, we also provide cab facility from all those places. Distance between Rishikesh to Dugalbitta camping place (Eco-village) is approximately 200 km, camp place height (2350m).

Day 1:- Visitors or trekkers approach at Dugalbitta camp take rest enjoy surrounding beauty and make themselve comfortable for further hard trekking root to Madmaheswar and Nandikund/ Kanchital.

Day 2:- Dugalbitta Camp – Goundar/Bantoli:-. It is 40 km stretch by motor road and 9 km ascending and descending by foot upto Bantoli/ Goundar visitors can stay in tent or in guest house and we also arrange home stay facility at Gaundar Village.

Day 3:- BANTOLI/ GAUNDER TO MADMAHESWAR:- It is 9 km steep ascent from Gaundar up to Madmaheswar. The complete root passes through Kedarnath wild life. Sanctuary where trekers might come across with wild animals like deer, bear and many more. It is fairly strenuous trek.

Day 4:- MADMAHESHWAR TO PANDAVESERA (3700M):- It is approximately 10 km extension to the previous trail. In this rout you will find extensive grass land and flower covered ground patches from one corner to another. It is also a strenuous trail with scenic beauty locations. In ancient ere Pandavas used to live there for some time to hide themselves from their enemies, it is believed. Trekkers have to spend night in dome tents at this place.

Day 5:- PANDAVSERA TO NANDIKUND 4350,/ KANCHNITAL (4570M) AND BACK TO MADHMAHESHWAR From Pandavsera to Nandikund is 5 km ascending stretch and 5 to 7 km ascending stretch to Kanchani Tal. Trekkers can choose one root or both according to their physical capacity. From this place trekkers can take magnificent view of CHAUKHANABA III 6974 m and IV 6854 m. Trekkers can spend night at these places in dome tents which would add an additional day in their trekking root.

Day 6:- NIADMAHESHWAR TO BANTOLI/GAUNDAR:- As we know this is 9 km descending trail. To make convenient the trek we have decided to stay at Gaundar village where trekkers will be introduced with local tradition and culture.

Day 7:- GAUNDAR TO CAMP PLACE DUGALBITTA:- 9 Km foot root up to village 'UNIYANA' and 40 km by cab up to camp place, where trekkers will enjoy one more pleasant and convenient night.

:- NOTE-:

"Every day meal, refreshment and staying facilities will be provided by us in this trekking root. We will also try to provided knowledge about wild life. Flora and fauna extensively present on the trek."



Duration –
7 Days/ 7nights from Rishikesh.
Total length - 60 km. Both side (Trekking)

Itinerary –

Day – 1-
Rishikesh 250kms Joshimath by cab night stay at Joshimath in guest house or hotel.
Day – 2- Joshimath 20 kms – Govindghat by cab- 13 kms Ghangriya.  Night halt at ghangriya in tent or in guest house.
Day – 3- Ghyangriya 6 kms valley of flowers one side, night halt in Tents at Ghangriya.
Day – 4- Ghangriya 6 kms Hemkund one side. for night halt come back to Ghyangriya because there is no facility to stay at Hemkund and valley of flowers.
Day – 5 – Ghangriya 13 km descending and Badrinath 20 km run by cab. Night halt at Badrinath in Hotels and guest house.
Day – 6- Badrinath 4 km by cab up to Mana villege 5 km Vasudhara one side trekking. Trekkers have to come back to Badrinath for night stay because there is no any facility to stay.
Day – 7- Badrinath 290 kms. Reshikesh aprox.

Duration – 7 days/ 6 nights.
Total trekking length – 60 km both side.
Highest point on trekking rout – 4230 meter.
Maximum stretch of the rout comes under N.D.B.R.


Kedarnath to Madmaheshwar trek

Duration – 6 days & 5 nights
Total trekking length – Approximately 66 kms
Highest point on trek –  more than 4000 mtrs.

Itinerary –

Day – 1- 
  Arrival at the base camp and night stay.
Day – 2- Base camp 50kms cab Kedarnath – night halt at Kedar nath in guesthouse
Day – 3- Kedarnath to any staying point 15kms - night stay in tents
Day – 4- Middle point 14 kms Madmaheshwar - Night stay in tents or rest house
Day – 5-  Madmaheshwar 16 kms Ransi - Night stay in tents or Lodge
Day – 6– Ransi village to Rishikesh - 200kms by cab

  • Maximum rout of the trek comes under kedarnath wild life sanctuary and high altitude zone.
  • In between Kedarnath and Madmaheshwar trekkers can come across to some wild animals like Thar, Beer, bharal and snow leopard.
  • August ,sep, Oct and Nov are the best months to visit this rout.



Duration –
5 days/ 5 nights
trail length – 70 km approx
Highest point – 400 meter. APPROX.

Itinerary –
Day -1 –
Arrival and night stay at base camp in Ganya, Dugalbhitta. chopta.
Day -2 – After brief introduction of the trek departure to Bisurital. 15 to 18 kms trekking – Night stay at chitra guFa in to the gufa(cave).
Day -3 – Chitra gufa 17kms BiSuritaltal Night stay at Bisurital
Night stay in tents
Day -4 – Bisurital – Chitra- Night stay in tent or in guffa
Day -5 – CHITRAGUFFA – Campsite – Night halt at base camp

Note – There is one more trail to Bisurital via Tungnath/Chandrasila Which is also an exiting trek.



Duration - 7niths/ 8 days
Highest point – Homekund 5233m
Total trail length –89kms approx

Itinerary –
Day - 1 –
From Rishikesh 250kms aprox Wan village by cab– Night stay local guest house
Day - 2 – Wan village -----Bedni Bugyal – night stay In tents
Day - 3 – Bedni Bugyal -------Bhaguwasa – night stay In tents
Day - 4 – Bhaunwasa ------Roopkund -----night stay in tents
Day - 5 - Roopkund ------- Homekund -----night stay in tents
Day - 6 - Homekund -----Sutol ----- night stay in tents
Day - 7 – Sutol --------Ghat ----- Guest house or in tent
Day - 8 – Ghat 200kms aprox Reshikesh by cab

Note :
  • This is an incredible trail.
  • Maximum rout passes through (N.D.B.R.) Nanda devi Biosphere Reserve.
  • Trekker should be healthy and completely physical Fit for hard taking
  • Put some woolen clothes into your trekking bag.
  • We have skilled and local staff to conduct this hard trekking rout.


  • Duration – three days/two nights.

    Itinerary -

    Day -1 – approx 290kms from Rishikesh to Badrinath night stay at Badrinath in Hotels or guest houses.
    Day -2 – Badrinath to Mana village – 4 kms by cab.
    and Mana to Basudhara- 5 kms one side trekking Night stay at Badrinath .
    Bay -3 – badrinath to Rishikesh


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